Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Inspiration Persons (Azmac Raifawh Opinion)

They are persons that inspired me..
they are inspired my life..
i must be thank full of them..
they are:

✿My mother.. she always give me an infinite love than her self, she always  scolding me when i take bad act, and she never ignore my story.. i ❤ my mom very much altough she hate me, even more :')

✿My father, i ❤ too, he is funny.. he ever put me on his shoulder when i was child XD i miss that moment.. yeah, i miss that moment

✿Ms. Tutik,, she is my teacher when i am 5th grade, she's so firmly and wisely, she taught us until we really understand

Mr.Hendratno, Mr.Chairul, Ms.Sundari and Ms.Khusnul they are my teacher at junior high school they are very inspirated me as much as i say it :D

✿Mr. Hendratno teach ICT, he have a remained comitment and i like the way he speaks
✿Mr. Chairul teach art, he says to me exclusively 'draw infinite, and dont be afraid to take a mistake'  that is my stance that i always hold
✿Ms. Sundari teach Indonesian language, altough she used to scold us, but i know one thing that she just want her student succes :)
✿Ms. Khusnul, she's nice teacher, very kind for me

Now.. im on Senior High School grade XI Science :*
these are my inspiration persons:

✿Mr. Totok / Pak Agus :D, He make me love physics. he always say once and wont to repeat again when he teach us, because who need the class are we, not him (i often get remedial of this subject :| #facepalm)

✿Mr.Syaiful, he teach art too, same with Mr.chairul, he so nice and give us a trick to make a circle, thanks for the art contest that he  recommended for me (i'm the 4th winner #facepalm again)

✿Mr. Om Pak Ong and Mas Andre, wkwkwk they are my trainers and my coach

 they never running out of conversation

Thanks for you too, who read my post :)