Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Today Dream

I get up early morning now, 06.13,, kyaaa!! (just kidding,  it gets too oversleep get up in indonesia)

After pray subuh, i dream..
I am a simple and cool girl. i go home at night at 08.00 pm after course, riding a motorcycle.. alone.. at the quiet way..
i stop when the color of the traffic light turn red, i wait alone at the dark night with and few stars untill the other motor stop beside me..
A boy with blue hoddie, he is my course mate but we did not know each other..
he staring at me weird, when he know i read book on my motorcycle, strangely intrigued him down from the motor to see what I'm reading on. The traffic light turn green and he's gone.

I mma simple and cool girl. A boy who look at me interested to know me more, i know it, i feel it.
he like the way i talk, the way i dress, simple and cool (more than it i think) he follow me wherever i go. He greeted me, but I do ignore the way I usually do. he follow me untill my house, he imitate me.. i know he's cool,but in the real act, imma simple and cool girl.

I mma simple and cool girl. Other boy.. with the second boy, was in front of my house with their motorcycle.
I guess they want to meet me, but no! Different girl who sell newspaper and magazine, yeah that girl whom they search, that girl whom they wait for.

I am a simple and cool girl. coz, i'm just another girl....

good night,