Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

The Ballon of love

Now, i decide to open my new heart after my last heart going "die" (real definition).
I meet someone who remember me about my past. about Dennis exactly..
There are many similarity with Dennis, His name is .... no, you don't have to know :P

These is  the sameness:

He is clever. He join an association for teen and children,,
Dennis is clever. He join the student exchange with me,,

He is kindly. He help me when i fall from my motorcycle, polite to older,
Dennis is kindly. He offer his seat to me sit on his side, wake me up at 3 am.

and more that I dont have to mention here.
Also, they have some difference:

He wear glasses and i think he can read my mind (i don't judge)
Dennis not wear a glasses, and he cannot read my mind. otherwise, i can read his mind, cause he was in my dream :')

I don't know why he make me sense...
Mysterious? yes, he is

I feel, i met Dennis in real world.. not a dream :|

A little confusion, on my brain i love my classmate, he sit on the corner and his aptitude of computer. maybe you know...
But, in my heart i always curious 'bout "The boy with glasses" then.

By the way, now i'm starting to write a novel,, hope me win the competition. okay?
that maybe my first novel, and the project Cisi-Lora after that..
now,  "The boy with glasses" was fine too,, :)

Good night... :D *Zzzz...*

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